Claiborne ​County Fair Association

2019 Officers & Members

  • President: Ron Seals
  • First Vice President: Mckamey Derrberry
  • Second Vice President: PJ Jeffers
  • Secretary: Kenny Brooks
  • Treasurer: Jim Bull
  • Board of Directors: Roger Poore, Jerry Green, Kelly Thompson, Tim Roberson, Lee Thompson, Ronnie Grissom. and CodyThompson.
  • Entertainment: Chairman: McKamey Derrberry: P.J. Jeffers, Cody Thompson, Avery Low son. Tim Robertson. Lee Thompson.
  • Maintenance: Earl Seals Chairman. Cody Thompson Chris Brooks, Greg Lane, Doug Lane ,Jerry Green, Avery Lawson and Cody Thompson.
  • Publicity: Jerry Green, Cody Thompson, PJ Jeffers, Tyler Hurst, Roger Poore, Dave Morris, McKaney Derreberry, and Dusty Grisham.
  • Gates: Chairman: Jerry Green: Tyler Hurst , Doug Lane, Greg Lane, & Jardy Sington, Roger Poore, Ronnie Grissom, Dee Jones, Dusty Grissom
  • Police & Parking: Chairman: Cody Thompson, Chris Brooks. , Dave Morris, Mckamey Derrberry, PJ Jeffers, and Lee Thompson.