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Claiborne County Fair

Officers & Members

  • President: Ron Seals
  • First Vice President: Mckamey Derreberry
  • Second Vice President: Lee Thompson
  • Secretary: Kenny Brooks
  • Treasurer: Jim Bull
  • Board of Directors: Roger Poore,  Kelli Thompson, PJ Jeffers, Earl Seals, Matthew Farris, CodyThompson, Dave Morris, and Doug Lane
  • Entertainment: Chairman-McKamey Derreberry, P.J. Jeffers, Cody Thompson, and  Lee Thompson
  • Maintenance: Chairman- Earl Seals, Cody Thompson,  Chris Brooks, Greg Lane, Doug Lane, Cody Thompson, Jared Singleton, Jeff Harville, Dustin Harville, and Matthew Farris
  • Publicity: Cody Thompson, PJ Jeffers, Tyler Hurst, Roger Poore, Dave Morris, McKamey Derreberry, and Kelli Thompson
  • Gates: Chairman- Greg Lane, Doug Lane, Jared Singleton, Roger Poore, and Tyler Hurst
  • Police & Parking: Chairman- Cody Thompson, Chris Brooks, Mckamey Derreberry, PJ Jeffers, Lee Thompson, Dustin Harville and Jeff Harville